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This past year has seen many of us starting to work from home, but now that the worst seems to be over, many have gone back to their offices and workplaces. This means that the commute is again part of our days, whether it’s a ten minute drive or a 30 minute bike ride. If your workplace happens to be on an entirely different island, you might need to travel for a bit longer.

This is the case for many who travel regularly between Malta and Sicily. If you are one of these extreme commuters, or travel often between the islands for other reasons, you might want to make the most of your journey and, in order to do so, prioritising your comfort and time on board are a must.

Comfort first

Three hours of travel might seem like a long time if you are not well-equipped, but there are ways to use this precious time which will make you feel like you’re going on holiday. Start by making yourself comfortable. You can start with wearing comfortable clothes, changing into more formal attire as you reach your destination, if needed. 

There is also plenty of time to stretch your legs and have a snack. On Ponte Ferries, we have cafeterias on both the main and the upper deck, serving freshly brewed coffee and a variety of savoury and sweet snacks.

The seats on Ponte will take care of the rest, especially if you choose to book a seat in the quieter VIP area. While seating is comfortable in every area of the vessel, the ones in the Deluxe, Plus, Premium and Exclusive areas come with extra leg space so you can stretch out, and some are fully reclinable, making it easy to catch forty winks if you choose to.


If you don’t need to catch up on your sleep, there are plenty of other ways to occupy your time as you travel. One of the best things to carry is a comfortable pair of headphones or earbuds. Bonus points if they are noise-cancelling. The uses for headphones are many: you can listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks on your mobile phone, watch videos or catch up on social media, or you can just wear them as a gentle message to those around you that you wish to be left in peace. And you don’t need to worry about your devices running out of charge. Our seats have charging ports, so you can just sit back and relax.

On our ferry, Premium and Exclusive seats also have an in-built screen where you can watch the channel of your choice. Alternatively, you can just look out the window at the Malta Channel and let the beauty of nature be your entertainment.

Catch up on work

Travelling for work can feel like a waste of precious time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What better way to start the day than catching up on work as you speed over the waves. And while you’re at it, why not do it in style? With the Exclusive ticket, you get a private room where you can really focus on what needs doing. With free WiFi, the most comfortable of seats and a mini-bar at your disposal, all you need to do is get down to business. You will arrive at your destination feeling accomplished before your workday has even started.

Enjoy the great outdoors

You can rest, watch a film, read a book or do some work, but don’t forget that travelling on a fast ferry across the Mediterranean is not an experience that should be taken for granted. If you live in Sicily or Malta and often travel between the islands for work or to visit family, you are being given the gift of spectacular views and the chance to unplug and unwind as you speed across the sparkling sea. You can do so from the comfort of your seat, but you can also sit on the outside deck, enjoying the fresh breeze. Who could wish for a better commute?

Frequent travel can be draining, but we are here to change that. We know that, by choosing us, boring trips that never seem to end will become a distant memory. With Ponte, your commute will become the favourite part of your day.

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